Things about the Maldives you didn’t know

red and white watercraft on body of water
  1. Official Language : Dhivehi
  2. Currency used by travellers : USD & Maldivian Rufiyaa
  3. Lowest lying country in the world; No mountains, hills, table lands, volcanoes etc.
  4. Illegal to dress scantily or indulge in PDA in the major city of Male or any major locally inhabited island
  5. Certain resorts have local time different from Maldives time zone
  6. Almost all resorts are on their own private islands
  7. Public ferry, Speedboat, Sea plane & Domestic flights are the only modes of transportation to get from resort on private islands to mainland or to other resorts in the Maldives.
  8. The oldest resort in the Maldives, the Kurumba Maldives, opened in 1972.
  9. The Maldives has 26 Atolls with islands in those atolls and resorts sit on those individual private islands.
  10. Seaplane are approximately 3 times faster than speedboats and are hence used to reach remote islands in the Maldives.

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