Everyone wants to travel to a destination in the most hassle-free way possible. Travel consultants will help you to save your energy on research, coordination and details on your holiday. But even then there aren’t enough things you can ask your travel consultant for a completely hassle-free vacation right ? So here are the top 10 things you must ask your travel consultant irrespective to the place you are travelling to :

  1. Travel Insurance
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Your travel insurance is going to be of much more use to you now than it ever was. You MUST ask your travel consultant to advise you on the best travel insurance for your kind of travel itinerary. Be sure to get explained to the various types benefits of the travel insurance or at-least the top 3 to ensure that you and your fellow natives from another country are well taken care of during these tough times.

2. PCR Test Facilities

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Whether it is the Maldives, Africa, The USA or any other place, you MUST find out the PCR Test requirements from your travel consultant and check with them for all the possible testing centres in your destination city. It is a very important requirement now-a-days and almost, always mandatory for everyone who is travelling out of the country. You might have to pre-book your slot for the PCR Test and even ensure you have been in that particular city for sometime before you are allowed to leave.

3. Area of Accommodation

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“Where exactly am I going to be staying ?” or ”Am I going to be staying in the downtown of this place ?” or ”Where is the cheapest and best hotel/accommodation closest to the downtown of this place ?” could be a few of the best questions to ask your travel consultant incase of your accommodation. If you are closer to the downtown area of any place (unless it is planned to be in the country side of the particular country) we would strongly recommend to be as close to the downtown as possible.

4. Social Distancing Measures

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You might have to take this into consideration if you are about to leave the country for anything. Even though you are travelling for your sake, ensure no one else is affected due to it. Weak a mask, carry a hand sanitiser bottle and maintain distances in public. Don’t be caught off guard by anyone without any of these things on you, please.

5. Travel Tips

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It is only your responsibility to conduct yourself in the best manner possible when you are abroad, hence you must check for what goes and what does not. But you can always take your consultants help as to what you can do or what people are generally doing on their vacation to that destination with their off recent experiences. Your consultant may or may not tell you each and everything in detail over a phone call or WatsApp message but they can definitely help you in a few quick tips to ease out your vacation further for you.

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