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Body Zorbing In Jaipur

A body zorbing ball, also known as a bubble ball, is a large inflatable sphere made of durable, transparent plastic material. It is designed to allow a person to safely and comfortably fit inside the ball, providing them with a unique and fun experience.

The concept of body zorbing involves getting inside the inflated ball and using it to roll, bounce, and bump into other players in various games and activities. The transparent nature of the material allows the person inside to see outside, and it provides a cushioned barrier to protect them from impacts during play.

Body zorbing balls are commonly used for recreational activities, team-building exercises, and fun games. They are suitable for use on grassy fields, indoor venues with padded surfaces, or any other suitable, safe space.

The rules and activities for body zorbing can vary depending on the organizer and the specific event, but some popular games include bubble soccer, bubble races, and bubble sumo wrestling.

It is important to note that while body zorbing can be a fun and exciting activity, it is essential to follow safety guidelines and use the equipment responsibly to prevent accidents or injuries. Participants should be instructed on how to enter and exit the zorbing ball safely, wear appropriate protective gear, and play in a controlled and supervised environment.


Body Zorbing involves a person wearing a plastic Zorb Ball of about 4 feet in diameter. You can use the ball to play a kind of Sumo wrestling match with your group.
This recreational activity can be enjoyed in Jaipur with this package, where you can take anyone, right about from small kids to elder people and enjoy a great time laughing and tumbling inside the zorb balls.
Apart from wrestling, you can also enjoy a football match wearing the zorb balls. If you are worried about your safety, you can rest assured as the team takes every measure to ensure your safety in these conditions.
Employing a proper instructor, providing all the necessary equipment and zorbing ball, the activity will leave you in splits and help you in making memories.


  • Activity-Body Zorbing.
  • Other Inclusions- Instructor, Activity equipment, Zorbing ball.

Body Zorbing in Jaipur

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Body Zorbing In Jaipur
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